30 Day Credit Repair
Prime National did a great job getting the credit score I needed to qualify as a first time home buyer. I got financed and with a great interest rate.
Truly the best in the business. The whole process was very quick and easy. I received my results in about 30 days and many accounts were deleted.
Having bad credit is stressful enough but working with Prime National was a blessing. Results took approximately 30 days and I was very happy.

Credit Repair Starts Here

Welcome to Prime National, home of the powerful credit repair company providing industry leading credit solutions. Millions of Americans suffer from bad credit and it's the mission of Prime National to help people repair and rebuild their credit, to ultimately get back on the road to financial freedom. We help our valued clients by removing inaccurate, incomplete, erroneous, and obsolete negative items from their credit files including, but not limited to: public records, collections, charge-offs, judgments, liens, lawsuits, inquiries, bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, late payments, and other derogatory accounts. We are highly committed to our goal of helping people rebuild and re-establish their credit, and we are dedicated to providing the same standards of excellence to you.

Industry Excellence

We encourage you to explore our website to obtain more detailed information about our innovative credit repair service, to learn more about our 100% money back guarantee, to discover why we're a leading company in our industry, and to obtain answers to frequently asked questions. We also highly encourage you to request a free consultation, so our experts can conduct a professional analysis after reviewing your credit reports. You will also have the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 phone consultation with one of our specialists, who will discuss our analysis in depth, provide even more information, and answer any questions you may have.

The Prime National Difference

There are many important reasons why clients choose to work with Prime National as opposed to our competition. The following briefly outlines why we are the smartest choice if you’re considering professional help for your credit needs.

Fast Service Completion

Simply put, our entire process starts and ends within about 30 days. To put this into perspective, the process of our competitors can take anywhere from around 6 months to several years. We have had clients who have reported that they have been paying monthly with some of our competitors for over 3 years, before cancelling and working with us. Those same clients also discovered that we removed more items in about 30 days, than the previous company ever removed in over 3 years.

High Deletion Rates

Our service is not only fast, but it packs a very powerful punch. After receiving results in approximately 30 days, we end up removing more negative items than our competitors do, even if it takes them 3 years to complete their work. The choice is yours. You can pay a flat monthly fee for years and end up with less than stellar results. Or you can maximize your deletions in about 30 days, start rebuilding your credit soon thereafter, and move on with your life.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want to ensure your confidence in Prime National, and in your final decision to work with us. For this specific reason, we offer a risk free, 100% money back guarantee. In the very unlikely event that absolutely nothing gets removed from your credit reports, we will provide 100% of your money back, without any questions asked.

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