30 Day Credit Repair
Prime National did a great job getting the credit score I needed to qualify as a first time home buyer and I actually ended up purchasing the home.
Truly the best in the business. The whole process was very quick and easy. I received my results in about 30 days and many accounts were deleted.
Having bad credit is stressful enough but working with Prime National was a blessing. Results took approximately 30 days and I was very happy.

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Welcome to Prime National, home of the powerful credit repair company providing industry-leading credit repair services. Millions of Americans suffer from bad credit and it's the mission of Prime National to help people remove questionable negative items from their credit files to help repair and restore their credit. We are committed to helping people rebuild and re-establish their credit, and we are dedicated to providing the same standards of excellence to you.

We encourage you to explore our website to obtain more detailed information about our innovative services, to discover why we're a leading firm in our business, to learn more about our no-risk guarantee, to obtain answers to frequently asked questions, and to ultimately get started with our powerful credit repair services. We also highly encourage you to complete our Free Consultation form, so you can speak with one of our Credit Repair Consultants to learn more about our industry-leading services.

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